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The Reality of todays Business Environment
It seems like you have 100 things to take care of. Your mailbox is full, you have 50 emails, and your assistant is out sick. Your have a report to finished, your phone keeps ringing and you have two meetings to attend. After work you have an engagement you can't get out of and you have to leave early. For some people this is a good day
De-Stressing: Learning to Release and Relax at Work
There is always work to be done. Some people seem to carry this well, but most of us have not learned how to get into a productive and comfortable mind-set
Our corporate "De-Stressing" workshops are ideal for businesses thriving in a high pressure environment, where things are always on the go
Where do you focus your attention?
On necessity or possibility
On what can't be done or what you can do

The Psychology of Stress
Our trainings cover important aspects of why many of us are prone to stress and what we can do to change it. Our full day workshops utilize hypnosis, multilevel communications, and real life exercise that keep attendees entertained as they are making changes to rearrange how they focus on business.

Did you know?
85% of all hospital stays are linked to stress?
Stress cost businesses billions of dollars each year

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